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We’re reaching out to you with an end-of-the-year holiday greeting to welcome you to our new blog. As the new year approaches, we at Astute Financial Consulting are looking for ways to improve our communication and share some of the insights we’ve gained in providing service and support for security alarm companies for over 25 years.

We hope our short and informative blogs will assist you with your day-to-day business and help you achieve your best goals. In January, we’ll also begin to distribute a new quarterly newsletter with product updates, how-to information, and industry news.

We know your business success is, in part, based on having visible and reliable financial information. Reports, budgets, and analyses that provide accurate data on your customers, expenses, and profit centers have powerful impacts on how you manage and grow your business. In our blog, Astute Insights, you’ll find information and shortcuts on SedonaOffice and our reporting products, financial tips, ideas on how to grow your security alarm business, technology information, and suggestions on how to get more out of your reporting tools.

Examples of some of the upcoming blogs we have planned include how to​

  • set up your general ledger to get the reports you need,

  • increase your re-sign success rate, and

  • know whether you should upgrade your back office system.


We appreciate your feedback and input, and we welcome any ideas or comments you have. For now, we look forward to sharing our blog with you and finding more ways to provide you with information that will help you achieve your business goals year after year!

We at Astute Financial wish you and your loved ones a fabulous holiday and happy New Year!

Astute Financial Consulting experts deliver comprehensive reporting, budgeting, and analysis functionality through SedonaOffice and Vivid Reports products. Contact us today to learn more.

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