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4 Steps to Retain Customers and Foster Referrals

Your most effective marketing tool is a happy client. Here's how to utilize them to generate more customers.

How Much Does It Cost You to Acquire a Customer?

Keeping your existing clients is invaluable and costs less than acquiring new customers. But just how much does it cost to find new customers looking for security alarm solutions?

Have You Set Up Your General Ledger Job Categories Correctly?

Do you know which job categories to use to best evaluate your business? Setting up your general ledger correctly allows you to monitor your security alarm business comprehensively and get the most out of your data.....

Set Up Your General Ledger: 3 Dimensions

Use these tips to set up your general ledger to avoid improper use of accounts, branches, and categories. Avoid these common mistakes to give your security alarm business a foundation for solid financial data and reporting....

Happy Holidays from Astute Financial!

We’re reaching out to you with an end-of-the-year holiday greeting to welcome you to our new blog. As the new year approaches, we at Astute Financial Consulting are looking for ways to improve our communication and share some of the insights we’ve gained in providing service and support for security alarm companies for over 25 years...

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