Back Office

We’ll get the job done, giving you the time you need to drive sales and provide excellent customer service.

 Back office services from Astute Financial help you leverage your internal resources so you can do more with less and do more of what is really important for your company. 
Collections & Customer Relations

Collect more of your hard-earned dollars faster with Astute Financial’s first-party collection services. Our experienced and courteous staff knows the security industry and can help manage your Accounts Receivable.

✓ Implement proven, effective procedures

✓ Maintain consistent, reliable follow-up every 10 days

✓ Facilitate communication between departments

✓ Train your customers to pay on time

Monthly, Quarterly or Year End Services

Run a more profitable security company with Astute Financial’s accounting services at month-end, quarter-end and year-end. Allow us to assist you in producing your financial statements in a timely manner.

Customized accounting task schedule

Timely month-end closing


Meaningful, accrual basis financial statements