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Vivid CPM

Say hello to a quicker month-end close process.

Is your month-end close process labor intensive and error-prone? Vivid CPM can simplify your close process, reducing both hours spent and costly mistakes.

Vivid Reports CPM is a comprehensive financial reporting, analysis and budgeting tool that combines all of the functionality of Excel with the processing power of Microsoft SQL Server.


Vivid CPM Provides A-COM Security with Robust Reporting

Never Before Available

“In the past, having ownership manually drop numbers into an Excel spreadsheet was the only
way to record budget vs. actual,” Irving said. “The ability to report on the company’s actual
results vs. budgets was the biggest change CPM made for A-COM.”


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✓ Better insight and decision-making

✓ Easy to deploy, share reports and collaborate

✓ Peace of mind that reports are accurate and secure

✓ Stop exporting, your information is seamlessly

    integrated with Excel

✓ Central database for easy management with little

    to no reliance on IT


  • Transforms Excel into a secure financial portal with ordinary Excel files that anyone can open and view

  • Control panels – essential for easy and secure navigation

  • Deep analysis features including:

    • Drill-down

    • Drill-across / trend analysis

    • Lead sheets (detailed audit reports)

    • Report analyzer to find variances

    • Drill-To-SedonaDocs

  • Data warehouse with report calculation engine, and central management area

  • Simple report design based on six (6) categories of your G/L

  • Robust security, authentication, and user / role management, SOX compliant



  • Budgets are created in Excel and seamlessly stored in the Vivid Reports database

  • Develop multiple budget plans and scenarios:

    • Traditional annual budget

    • Forecasts

    • Rolling budgets

    • Multi-year plans

    • What if scenarios

  • Capture budget transactions (employees, projects, assets, events)

  • Document your thoughts and assumptions with budget notes

  • Audit of budget changes is automatically maintained

  • Budget by any combination of accounts and segments (Branch, Division)

  • Quickly develop budgets using your history or revising existing plans

  • Easily distribute and share budget templates for input from your team



  • Audit Reports / Lead Sheet Generator

  • Multiple Database / Company Consolidations 

  • Advanced Report Check and Maintenance

  • Report Automation and Delivery

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