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Request our Good Practices Documentation.
  • Accounting and Reporting

  • AR Credits

  • Budget Process

  • Collections

  • Commissions

  • GL Structure

  • Holdbacks

  • Invoice Items

  • Job Accounting

  • Job Categories and Types

  • Labor Cost Accounting

  • Rate Changes

  • RMR Reasons

  • Service Ticket Codes

  • Tech Time Accounting

  • Tech Time Import

  • Time Entry

  • Upgrade Jobs

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View our PDF guide to installing, updating and repairing the Vivid Flex toolbar.

Install, Update & Repair Flex
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Download File

Download our SedonaOffice training guide.

SedonaOffice Training Guide
©2015 Astute Financial Consulting, LLC

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Watch our SedonaOffice training videos.


Client Management
Learn how to create a new customer and user mail merge.

View Video Playlist


Accounts Receivable
Learn how to enter customer payments and make a deposit.


View Video Playlist


Service Management

Learn how to create a service ticket and navigate the service calendar.

View Video Playlist


Job Management
Learn how to manage a job from start to finish.

View Video Playlist

Purchase Orders & Inventory

Learn how to enter and receive a purchase order, create new vendors, return a part and more.

View Video Playlist



Accounts Payable

Learn how to enter a bill for a subcontractor.

View Video Playlist


SedonaSetup & Miscellaneous

Learn how to add panel types and setup your printer defaults.

View Video Playlist

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