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Good Practices

Request Astute's Good Practices documentation, which cover a wide variety of topics, including accounting guidelines, labor costing, tech time, and more.

Help Docs

Learn how to use your Flex reports, how to install or repair your Flex toolbar, or download Astute's SedonaOffice training guide.


Visit Astute's YouTube channel, which contains videos and demos reviewing some of our more popular Flex reports and how they work.

Training Videos

Browse Astute's SedonaOffice training video library, which includes how-to videos for client management, job management, inventory, and more.

Good Practices
  • Accounting and Reporting

  • AR Credits

  • Budget Process

  • Collections

  • Commissions

  • GL Structure

  • Holdbacks

  • Invoice Items

  • Job Accounting

  • Job Categories and Types

  • Labor Cost Accounting

  • Rate Changes

  • RMR Reasons

  • Service Ticket Codes

  • Tech Time Accounting

  • Tech Time Import

  • Time Entry

  • Upgrade Jobs

Request Good Practices Docs

Already an Astute client? Request our Good Practices documentation for free.

Thanks for submitting your request. Astute's support team will be in touch soon.

Help Docs
Help Docs & Training Guide

SedonaOffice Training Guide

Install, Update & Repair the Flex Toolbar

Update, Edit, and Troubleshoot a Flex Report

Need more help?
YouTube Videos
Visit Astute's YouTube Channel
Training Videos
Training Videos

Accounts Payable

Learn how to enter a bill for a subcontractor

Accounts Receivable

Learn how to enter customer payments and make a deposit

Client Management

Learn how to create a new customer and use mail merge

Purchase Orders & Inventory

Learn how to enter and receive a purchase order, create new vendors, return a part, and more

Job Management

Learn how to manage a job from start to finish

SedonaSetup & Miscellaneous

Learn how to add panel types and setup your printer defaults

Service Management

Learn how to create a service ticket and navigate the service calendar

View the full library on Screencast
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