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Vivid Flex

Flexible reporting, dashboards, and KPIs at your fingertips.

Vivid Flex is a Microsoft Excel-based, report-building tool that interfaces with any ODBC-compliant database. Using the power of Vivid Flex, we have developed Astute Reports, a suite of security industry specific reports and utilities, available in bundles or individually to suit the needs of your business. With Vivid Flex and Astute Reports, we can help you eliminate manual data preparation, simplify complex reconciliations, and schedule and automate report delivery. 

Excel Interface
Astute Reports

Vivid Flex Delivers Valuable Reporting and Insights that Allow Acadiana Security Plus to Grow its Bottom Line
Based in Lafayette, Louisiana, Acadiana Security Plus, Inc. has been servicing all of Acadiana, its surrounding parishes and Lake Charles since 1997. Acadiana is locally-owned company and operates its own 24/7 monitoring facility to support its high-quality residential and commercial products and services. Throughout its history, the company’s focus has been on providing ultimate protection, backed up with world-class customer service.  


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✓ Empower your users to take control and focus on the

    information that is important to them


✓ Get timely information by enabling your users to run

    reports when they need to


✓ Live information seamlessly refreshes into Excel

    where the reports get updated in seconds

✓ Easily combine the results from multiple queries and

    sources together to produce more comprehensive

    reports and provide the complete picture

✓ Reduce the number of reports and queries that need

    to be defined and managed

✓ Free up valuable IT resources by creating dynamic

    reports with which your users can interact


✓ Create, update, print, PDF or email multiple reports

    with a single click


✓ Easily deployed with a central area to manage user

    profiles and connections


✓ Intuitively designed interface make the software a

    joy to use

Excel Interface

  • Report Engine: Easily control and change what you want to see

  • Report Library: Store and share reports

  • Automation: Automatically produce and deliver reports to various destinations

  • Scheduler: Schedule the days and times when Automation will run

  • Linking: Link reports together any way you need to connect information in meaningful ways

  • Formatting: Subtotal, group by, pivot, copy formats, conditional formats

  • SQL Designer: Full SQL designer, GUI and support for all SQL commands

  • Simple Designer: A wizard that enables non-technical staff to develop reports on their own

  • Preview Screen: Preview results as you build reports or export back to Excel any time

  • User Management: Administer the software, user profiles, and security

  • Connection Management: Administer unlimited data connections and authorizations

Excel Interface

Astute Reports

  • Pre-made report templates: set up for standard security industry metrics

  • Report bundles: reports packaged together for greater savings

  • Easy to update: just login and download!

Astute Reports


  • Automatically refresh reports with specific parameters

  • Distribute reports via email or save to pre-determined folders

  • Setup a customizable schedule to refresh and/or distribute reports

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