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Case Studies

Vivid Flex Delivers Valuable Reporting and Insights that Allow Acadiana Security Plus to Grow its Bottom Line


One thing Acadiana was missing was the ability to easily extract reports from its accounting and business management software, which hampered the company’s ability to reach its full potential. Paul Courts, Acadiana’s President, wanted the ability to not only run key performance indicator (KPI) reports but also to look at those reports at a high level while also being able to drill down to glean greater insight into potential success and/or problem areas. Among the KPIs Court wanted to measure were attrition, creation multiples, job margins, AR history and aging, and RMR trends.

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Vivid CPM Provides A-COM Security with Robust Reporting Never Before Available


As the company has grown throughout the years, financial reporting has posed an increasingly difficult challenge for A-COM, mainly because reports and performance numbers were difficult to produce and lacked a high level of reliability. Additionally, it was impossible to break out income statements or view performance based on the company’s three profit centers: traditional alarm sales, residential sales and monitoring. As a result, reports generated under the prior models were largely unusable, said Tom Irving, who at the time served as A-COM’s chief financial officer.

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Astute Financial’s Consulting Services and Robust Reporting Deliver Valuable Insights that Increase Efficiency, Effectiveness and Profitability for Owen Security


When Owen Security switched its accounting software over from MicroKey to SedonaOffice, the company faced significant challenges with reconciling the two separate solutions. At the same time, Owen needed real-time, on-demand information about attrition in order to run its business effectively, says Justin Owen, the company’s CEO.

To better handle the initial software switchover, Owen called on Astute Financial, which worked with his company to clean up and format the data to make sure everything would be in a uniform format in SedonaOffice, Owen Security’s business management software solution.

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