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Astute’s products can only be described as top notch.  We utilize several of their reporting products and have had reports custom made by Jim and his team.  We use the products daily and find them invaluable in the running and growing of our business.  Jim and his team have always been a huge help to us.

- Jeremy Bates | President

We’ve worked with Jim, Brian, and the good folks at Astute Financial since 2013.  Switching to SedonaOffice in 2013 and partnering with Astute Financial helped us gain more control over our business, especially with job costing, inventory management, and financial reporting.

- Jonathan Frase | President

"Astute Financial has been a valuable business partner as we have grown our business. We have worked hard to capture the operating metrics in our business. Getting timely, accurate numbers motivates our team and helps drive our business forward. Jim and the team at Astute have been an integral part of this process."

- David Wilson, | President

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